Who We Are

Welcome to Aspen Fulfillment. Founded in 1993 after working for an Infomercial company, Jim Scherrer created Aspen Fulfillment Services, Inc. to become a niche fulfillment provider to the health and beauty infomercial industry. Having gained marketing and distribution experience from it’s own nutricuticle products, we created a specialty program for demanding customers who could make a call and get immediate results to power their products forward. We recognize fast changing marketing requires fast changing fulfillment. To be nimble, we outsourced very little. Our team of in-house programmers continuously adapted to the changing needs of our customers and the market in general. Aspen’s customer service is able to make immediate decisions because we truly see time as money, ours and yours.

In 1998 Aspen expanded it’s capabilities to service the distribution centers of major retailers including Wal-Mart, COSTCO, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and many others. Aspen also began marketing it’s own product line of American Made leather goods for the trades.

Today Aspen Fulfillment is turning it’s attention to new products and services. We now take the position as Master Distributor and/or Product Owner marketing new products while maintaining it logistics function. We are constantly evaluating new products through social media to determine if they can become part of our marketing and distribution network.

We welcome submissions.